Italian workForce

ItalianWorkForce is a Dutch organization with Italian roots.

We maintain contacts with numerous organizations and agencies, all over Italy. We know southern European culture and what motivates young people from these areas.

Not only in Italy, but also in Spain, Portugal, Greece and countries from the Balkan region. This enables us to recruit and select the right workers for companies in the Netherlands.

in southern Italy there is no work and in the netherlands we have a labor shortage.

High unemployment rates Italy

Italy has traditionally been one of the largest economies in Europe and a rich country. In recent years, however, it has been struggling with and ever shrinking economy and high unemployment rate. Especially in southern Italy there is no work and also in other parts of this large country the chances of finding a job are minimal. Many young people suffer from this. They want to work, even if it is a job below their level of education.

Attractive prospects

For this they are also willing to move to another country. The Netherlands offers attractive prospects for young workers from Italy. There are many job vacancies, the language barrier is less because the Dutch usually speak English well, and there is an internationally oriented work culture. Many Italians are eager to work in the Netherlands!

Careful mediation

Through careful mediation and guidance, we are able to fill Dutch vacancies with highly motivated and well-trained Italian employees. People who know how to get to work, are eager to learn and quickly feel at home in a Dutch working environment.

the right people in the right place